MARTIN LAROCCA: Co-owner, Certified Personal Trainer

 Martin, a life-long athlete, has always been interested in health and fitness. With his playground, high school and college baseball experience, he learned both sides of fitness and sports specifics, first as a player, then as a trainer. He attended the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, Florida, to pursue his training degree. After earning certification, he returned home to New Orleans and worked as a personal trainer. He developed a reputation as an exceptional trainer and decided to branch out on his own. He opened Maple Street Fitness, as a co-owner, in October 2007. Martin is dedicated to his clients, providing them with individualized workouts and nutritional advice.  Benefits realized by his clients include weight loss, stress reduction, reduced medications, body fat reduction, better sleep, stronger bones and increased energy. He got into this business because he wants to help people look and feel better. His reputation and clientele attest to his success.

KURT WEISER: Co-owner, Certified Personal Trainer

DONNA LEVIN: Certified Personal Trainer, BS Marketing

"Fitness is key to a healthy body and creative mind!!" 
Donna has been passionate about exercise for the last 30 years and decided 2 years ago to get certified as a personal trainer. She is now living her passion! Benefits realized by her clients are endless, but include: improved mood, help in weight management, promote better sleep, boost energy levels, reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. "It is an incredible feeling to inspire clients to choose a healthy lifestyle and motivate all to make the right choices. I look forward to seeing you soon at Uptown Athletic Club!"

JUDITH CUSTER: Certified Personal Trainer (A.F.A.A.)
Liz Stolz: Certified Personal Trainer
David Benac: Certified Personal Trainer
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